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Plant Heat Cable with Thermostat

Heating Cable for plant propagation and seed raising


Adloheat Heating cable is used by commercial growers or smaller hobbyists for successful plant propagation. Heating cables are used for consistent control of root temperature whilst maintaining a microclimate of up to 45cm above the bed.  The watt density is designed so that even on very cold nights, the bottom heat will keep the young plants at the desired temperature to allow for strong and consistent growth.

Heating cables are generally used in a propagating bed, which consists of a thermostatically controlled heating element buried in a layer of moist sand in a pre-prepared box. Heat then permeates through the damp sand providing a warm growing environment and microclimate. Alternatively the Heating Cable may be used on the ground. The cables can be supplied mounted or unmounted.  If using unmounted cable, ensure your spacings are approx 100mm apart for even heat distribution. Steel or plastic mesh is used for mounting.


  • Watts: Approx 170 watts per m2
  • Voltage: 240 Volt
  • IP rating: X7
  • Thermostat controller is factory fitted and hardwired for temperature control
  • Lead: length: 2m from power socket to thermostat, 2m from thermostat to cable (other lengths available on request)
  • Cable type: Twin conductor with earth screen
  • Multi-stranded heating wire wound around Kevlar core with double insulation earth screen and sheath

The Benefits:

  • Extremely safe to use, ready to install, no electrician required, no specialist knowledge required.
  • High seed germination
  • Low operating cost
  • Can be used on the ground (with insulation)
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Ability to plant directly into sand mix if required.
  • Robust, durable, very long lasting.
  • Australian Made to Australian Safety Standards
  • Custom sizes: Lengths from 1 Square Metres to 12 Square Metres. For quotes please contact us.


Heating Cable is used in conjunction with a thermostat to prevent the temperature rising above the optimum level for plants. The thermostat probe should be placed horizontally across the runs of cable and just below the surface of the bed.  A temperature of 16-23oC is usually sufficient depending on the plant type.


  • Are essential for operating heating systems
  • Give accurate temperature control -you set the temperature to suit the plant’s needs.
  • Available in Capillary probe style or Digital Controller (pre set at factory at 23oC – no need to program)
  • Water resistant enclosure
  • Ready to use and simple to use
  • Standard 0-50oC heat control


  1. For optimum success with plant growth, install this system in a greenhouse or similar in a well protected area away from fluctuating weather conditions.
  2. For use with a propagating box: The box should have sides approximately 150-250mm high and a solid base of insulating material. At least 5-6mm thick polystyrene should be used in the bottom and on the sides to help reduce heat loss and minimise running costs.
  3. Roll out the cable into pre prepared box. If the cable is unmounted, attach it to steel mesh or plastic mesh at approximately 100mm spacings/runs. Do not allow the cable to touch or cross over itself or any adjacent cables. Do not allow the cable to bend or kink & avoid sharp bends. Do not plug into power while cable is coiled. Do not operate the cable in the free air.
  4. The cable should be laid in the box with approximately 40-50mm of coarse damp propagating sand above and below the cable. Seedling trays or pots should be placed on the sand and be packed tightly together. Do not use polystyrene boxes on the bed.
  5. Do not fill the bed with insulation materials such as perlite, peat, vermiculite, fibre, ash, clinker or moss.
  6. For even distribution of heat the sand must be kept damp at all times.
  7. Place the thermostat sensor probe horizontally across the runs of cable and just below the surface of the bed, in the bottom of the tray/pot. Do not allow the probe to hang freely in the air or to be continuously moved.
  8. For ground installation: Place 50mm thick insulation material on the ground (polystyrene sheeting)
  9. Plug the lead into a power point and set the desired temperature using the dial thermostat. Or for Digital Controller option the program settings are pre set at factory at 23 oC (no need to program).
  10. Note: A safety switch on the circuit is highly recommended for added safety

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