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Electric Foil Propagation Heat Mat with Thermostat, Foam Insulation and Solashield Covering Film

Electric Foil Heat Mat with Thermostat, Foam Insulation and Solashield Covering film

Custom sizes available. If you would like a quote please call us on (03) 5940 0281 or complete our CONTACT FORM.

Give your plants the best start possible! Gives excellent germination and a high striking rate for cuttings and seeds.
Correct soil temperature stimulates plant growth, thus maximising yield and quality. Our electric foil mats provide the commercial or home hobbyist with the means to efficiently control root temperature in young plants whilst maintaining a microclimate up to 450mm above the bed.
The watt density is designed so that even on very cold nights, the bottom heat will keep the plants at the desired temperature.
Bottom heat units are supplied ready-to-install, complete with a factory fitted 'ADLOHEAT' weather resistant thermostat controller (capillary thermostat pictured below) or optional Digital thermostat.
All of our heating products are manufactured by us in our factory premises using all Australian materials. We have been manufacturing all of our products for over 22 years and they have proven to be effective and safe. 
The system is simple to install and requires no specialist knowledge, just an electrical outlet.

The facts:
  • Dial Thermostat controller is factory fitted as standard (our Digital thermostat is available as an option)
  • 2 metre lead comes standard (other lengths available)
  • Materials: Specifically designed electric heating element laminated between heavy aluminium foil and poly backing
  • For energy efficiency place our 15mm flexible insulation foam (closed cell polyethylene) underneath the foil mat.
  • Place our heavy duty solashield film (woven polyethylene scrim) over the top and sides of foil like a tablecloth as protection against water ingress to the foil
  • Specifications: approx 150 watts per square metre. 240 Volt
  • Provides evenly distributed bottom heat as heat spreads easily along foil.
  • We can custom make your foil to suit your size and heat requirements.
  • Made to Australian Safety Standards.
  • Safe to use
  • High speed germination
  • Low operating cost
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Easy to keep clean and germ free
  • Lightweight
  • Custom made available
  • To use simply roll out, plug in and propagate

Custom made our specialty. You choose the size and we will custom make to any size. Feel free to contact us for assistance with your requirements or for a shipping quote. Phone: 03 59400281 or email info@adloheat.com.au

How to set up your Electric Foil mat set up:
  1. Flat bench: A suitable flat bench to place your foil mat onto. Preferably situated in a protected area such as a hot house or green house. 
  2. Insulation: Firstly place insulation (available for purchase) on top of your bench (to avoid heat loss)
  3. Electric Foil Mat: Roll out the foil mat onto the insulation (silver side up)
  4. Protective covering: Cover foil mat with waterproof plastic film (available for purchase) to cover the top and drape down all sides to avoid water ingress into the mat.
  5. Thermostat controller: Tape the thermostat probe to the foil mat under the plastic film. Note:Place the filled pots/trays on top of the plastic film and over where the probe is placed. The probe senses the temperature of the mat. The thermostat will then turn the mat on and off to maintain the set temperature. Please note:The probe must be in contact with the surface of the foil mat (under the protective covering) at all times.
  6. Lead: Plug the lead into a power socket. For the Dial thermostat: select the desired temperature. For the Digital thermostat: the temperature is already pre set at 23 degrees C. To alter the set temperature press SET for one second, then press UP or DOWN arrow to choose the desired temperature. The new temperature will be saved automatically.


Periodically check that water is not seeping through the waterproof covering plastic onto the mat. If so, replace the plastic before continuing to use.

Ensure an RCD (safety switch) is fitted to the power circuit.

Do not use if the mat is damaged or if the plastic is worn through. 

Do not wet, alter, cut, tear, fold.

Do not submerge the mat in water or allow to lay in water.

Do not place insulation material, eg polystyrene boxes on top of mat.

Do not roll up the mat to store.

All repairs and installation of replacement parts are to carried out by Adloheat or by a qualified electrician.


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