Welcome to our online store. We have extended production lead times on some of our products due to strong demand and a shortage of local materials. Production lead times for Plant stands and benches - approx 4-5 weeks, Houses - approx 8-12 weeks depending on the size. Please contact us for any queries.

Mini Greenhouses

Mini Greenhouses in 3 sizes (Baby, Mini & Midi) with Shadecloth or Solashield options

Popular for gardeners who are restricted by lack of space - units, balconies, flats or backyard hobbyists, who love to grow their own veggies, herbs, seedlings.  

Mini Houses are manufactured from heavy duty galvanised BHP steel. The covers and made from either 'solashield' or shadecloth. These are both long-life materials, which are treated to withstand extreme weather conditions. Zips are heavy duty uv treated to withstand extreme conditions and constant use.

Lots of options are available like shade caps to keep out excess sun, rain caps to keep the rain off plants (for use over a shadecloth cover), castors for moving your plant into better positions, variations on internal benching, and also shadecloth vents. Our products are designed to be practical, functional and long-lasting.