Welcome to our online store. All of our products are made to order by us and we ship Australia wide. Please allow a lead time of 2-3 weeks for some products.


Greenhouses, plant stands and more Australian made and manufactured in Pakenham Melbourne

Greenhouse and plant stands to suit everyone. Our customers include commercial growers, plant propagation professionals, home gardeners & hobbyists, nurseries, garden centres, councils, landcare groups, orchid enthusiasts and many more.

How long have your been manufacturing hot houses?

We have been manufacturing hot houses, shade houses, benches, plant stands and propagating equipment since 1999. We are well qualified and experienced to offer advice, guidance, suggestions for any project you may be thinking about. We are proud to offer after sales assistance by phone or email with regard to installation, setting up your house correctly, plant care, product advice and any other queries you may have.

In what area does Adloheat specialise?

We specialise in manufacturing high quality products for growers who want their equipment to ‘last the distance’. Repeat customers are important to our business as they value the effort we put into constructing well made equipment. Our most popular products are our Hot houses, Shade houses, plant stands and propagating equipment.

Who are Adloheat’s main customers?

Commercial & home hobbyists, orchid growers, home growers of herbs, vegies and flowers, Government horticultural bodies, Landcare groups, Schools, Universities and TAFEs, farmers, nurseries, botanic gardens. Our products reach a wide range of customers due to every grower having their own needs. For example our hot house range in size from 1.8 to 7.1 metres in length, so there’s a size for everyone.

How is Adloheat different from any other green house manufacturer?

Adloheat hot houses and shade houses cater for Australian conditions, which means they can be used all year round due to the options of venting and shading. The Split Roof air venting on the hot houses allows for superior ventilation in the summer months and can combined with the stand off shade cover for extra shading. The Shade Houses are perfect for Cymbidium orchids, ferns, flowers and shade loving plants, and can be combined with a solaweave additional cover for extra warmth and protection if needed in the colder months. We offer lots of options to cater for every grower.

Where are your products made?

We are proud of the fact that all our products are fully Australian Made, from Orrcon (Bluescope) galvanised steel and Australian made components. Spare parts and replacement parts are always available. A phone call is all that is needed to talk to me or one of our staff about any query you may have or for any help with information on our products.

If I need a ‘one off’ custom made product, can you make it?

Yes of course. Not many businesses offer custom made products, but that’s one of the things we proudly offer and we enjoy designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for our customers.

What makes your benches and plant stands so popular?

Because they are extremely strong, durable and they look great. We custom make to (just about) any size and shape, so we are often asked to design a stand to fit into a particular area, or for a show display, or to hold excessive weight. Or even a stand with deep shelves to fit larger pots is ideal for orchids growers. Being galvanised inside and out is ideal for keeping water out and prevents rust, but it also deters pests from crawling up the legs of the stands as they hate the galvanised surface.

How does plant propagation work?

Our plant propagation equipment is simple to use and economical. Most commercial growers use some form of bottom heat to enable year round robust plant growth, especially in the winter months. Home hobbyist are now catching onto the benefits. Gentle bottom heat allow the young plants and clones to develop at a much faster rate and with more vigorous root development. Our systems are all 240 volt, just plug into a power point and are ready to use. Adloheat staff have a ‘can do’ mentality when it comes to design and manufacturing, so tell us what you need and we do what ‘we can’ for you. We manufacture all our heating equipment. We have small heat pads for those growing wanting to start small to large commercial set ups for larger projects.

What are the house covers made from?

Hot house covers: Solashield is a woven high density polyethylene scrim, with double lamination using low density polyethylene. UV stabilised. Dirt repellent, excellent toughness and strength. Resistance to most chemicals, Light transmission 85.6%. Commercial high grade quality and designed specifically for horticultural use. Shade house covers: High quality knitted shadecloth. Available in green, white and beige in a range of light densities. The cover are sewn by us and are made one piece to fit the house exactly. The covers are a tight fit to ensure there is no movement in the fabric. Lots of options are available in our covers and are made to order.

What are the benefits of a hot house as opposed to an outside garden patch?

Pests, insects, vermin, animals and birds cannot easily enter the house, so more food for you. Ability to control the atmosphere inside the house for healthier plant growth. Less water run off and evaporation. Ability to extend the life of plants due to better growing conditions. Start growing seedlings and cuttings earlier in the warmer, protected environment of a hot house. Grow on benches to avoid bending and digging. The produce grows more vigorous in a continuously warm environment. Great for small gardens where space is limited. Grow a wider variety of plants, even some frost tender plants will thrive. Grow all the year round.

How do I secure the house to the ground?

We supply the ground fixings which are specially designed heavy duty ground fixings (for soil) or Dynabolt fixings (for concrete base). It is imperative the fixings are used otherwise the house will move in strong winds.

Is it possible to have our products freighted to our home?

Yes, we are able to freight all our products.  Freight prices will be displayed at checkout or please call us on 03 5940 0281 for a shipping quote.


Can I use one of your hot houses in a windy area?

Yes we manufacture our houses to cater for Australian conditions, which can be extremely windy, especially in coastal and mountainous areas. The best way to protect your house against extreme wind is to install the house so that the Split roof section is facing away from the prevailing winds, this ensures the wind cannot enter the house. On windy days keep the Split roof, the door, and all the vents closed. A wind break is also a good idea. This may be a structure or planted windbreak. If you live in an extremely windy area, we suggest the "Standard" style hot house to avoid any chance of wind entering the house through the open roof section. The house frame will withstand all weather conditions. It is imperative that the house is correctly secured to the ground according to our instructions. Pegs (provided) must be concreted in to the ground or dynabolts (provided) fixed to the frame.

What does the future hold?

Sustainability is no longer the buzzword of the new millennium: it’s part of the way we live. The desire for tastier and healthier produce, free from chemicals and additives, is one reason. Adopting a greener lifestyle is another. Our lives have become so busy and sometimes we become overwhelmed by the latest technology and must have gadgets, we forget that all we really need to get back to basics, and enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle. Growing your own food is a big step in the right direction.

How do you use heating foils?

Anyone can use our heating foils, they are incredibly simple to set up. Here are the steps: 1. Get a table or bench 2. Lay polystyrene on the bench (30-50mm thick). Or we have flexible insulation foam roll available. It needs to be the same size as the foil. 3. Roll the foil out and place on top of the insulation. 4. Place heavy duty waterproof plastic film over the top of the foil and down the sides so no water can reach the foil. 5. Place the thermostat probe sensor into the potting mix in the pots/trays or tape it to the foil itself. The position of the probe sensor is critical as this is where the temperature is sensing. 6. Plug the lead into a normal power point and set your temperature (Digital thermostats are already set at factory) 7. Keep a close eye on the mix as it will dry out quicker due to the warmth. 8. Now sit back and watch your plants take off.