Welcome to our online store. All of our products are made to order by us and we ship Australia wide. Please allow a lead time of 2-3 weeks for some products.

Our Philosophy

We believe that gardening can be a healthy part of any modern, balanced lifestyle. We are sensitive to society's growing need for healthier, cleaner and more sustainable living solutions.
This is why our team here at Adloheat is dedicated to offering high quality, exceptionally long lasting Australian-made  products, so that you can be confident in your garden, your home-grown produce, and your ecological footstep.

Just Ask

Since 1999, Adloheat has manufactured and provided horticultural, home-brew and pet care products suited to its customers' individual needs.
With much of our catalogue made-to-order, we will always find a way to accommodate your unique project—no matter how big the challenge.
We are dedicated to helping you accomplish your wildest garden ideas. So, along with our functional products, we also offer experienced advice on any of your queries.

Meet the Crew

Adloheat Horticultural Products/Redzone Heating is a family-run company. Founded by husband and wife duo, Wayne & Jayne, the pair is committed to providing high-quality, innovative products (and advice) for gardeners of all landscapes and interests.
Before venturing Adloheat Horticultural Products, Wayne worked in the horticultural and electrical industries for many years. In this time, he absorbed and collected the diverse experience bank which guides his business today.
For this reason, perhaps, Adloheat is able to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers; from university and TAFE institutes to Landcare groups, schools, home-hobbyists and restaurant-owners.
We welcome you to visit our premises in Pakenham (on weekdays), have a chat, see what we do and also to see our products being made and the materials we use.

Our Products

The team at Adloheat pride themselves on designing high quality, durable products. From pet care to plant propagating, our equipment is both reliable and efficient.

Feature Product: Our Green Houses

We understand that, when planning your garden, flexibility can be important. Not every need is the same, and Adloheat Houses offer a wide range of sizings, stylings and accessories to be sure that your specific dream can be realised.
Our houses are designed and made specifically for our Australian climate (not European) therefore we incorporate functional design ideas like lots of air flow and shade coverings to cater for all seasons and climate conditions.
With our entire Green House catalogue made-to-order, there's no project that the Adloheat team will not gladly accommodate.

Why choose Adloheat?

At Adloheat we have a proud reputation and with good reason. Our Horticultural products are made from the highest quality Bluescope galvanised steel, along with our long lasting tried and tested components.
But not only are our products of the highest standard and quality; they are made for Australians, by Australians. We want to support our economy, and the best way we can do that is by creating hard-yakka, high-quality employment opportunities.

Speaking of hard-yakka. Not only are we dedicated to providing the materials for an end-product of the highest standard; we believe in the process, too. Why spend on installation and set-up when you can take charge of the project, yourself? Adloheat products, including our entire Green House catalogue, follow a DIY manual with a 'you-can-do-it' spirit. So that you can enjoy the satisfaction of having completed a high-quality project yourself.

Delivering Australia-wide, Adloheat offers innovative and interactive products, to encourage and assist the Australian gardener.