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Flexible Propagation Heat Pads (range of sizes available)

Redzone flexible propagation heat pads are manufactured in Australia by Adloheat. The pads are made from tough polyurethane to give water resistant properties combined with durability and flexibility. Designed for the horticultural and hydroponic industry. Pads for the brewing and pet industry are also available.

  • 240 Volt - just plugs into your power outlet.
  • Provides gentle warmth to propagate seeds and cuttings
  • Assists in warming cold sensitive indoor plants in the winter months
  • Low wattage - cheap to run
  • Superior durability, can hold heavy weight
  • Washable
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Flexible
  • Quality Product
  • Thermostat control available
  • Double insulated - safe for use
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant


240 Volts AC. Various wattages. Lead length 2.0m. Made in Australia. Approved by Australia Safety Standards. N11384

Our plant propagation heat pads will give a temperature rise of approximately 12°C above the air temperature (if used without a thermostat), for example if the ambient temperature is 10°C the pad surface temperature will rise to 22°C. The temperature will rise and fall with the ambient temperature. The temperature range is perfect for propagating plants. For tropical plants a higher wattage heat pad with a thermostat is recommended to give higher heat output. The heat pads may also be helpful to maintain the soil temperature for cold sensitive indoor plants in the cooler months.

If exact or high temperatures are required, the use of a thermostat controller is essential. See our other products for Flexible Heat pad with thermostat.

FOR PLANT USE: Soil temperature is crucial to an optimum growing environment, whether you are germinating lettuce seeds or propagating orchids. These fully portable pads produce spectacular results in higher seed/cutting germination and vigorous root development on cuttings and plants. The pad is of the highest quality and is economical to run. Just place your pots or trays directly onto the heat pad. We don't recommend that the heat pad is wrapped or completely covered with insulating materials.

OTHER PURPOSES: Flexible heat pads are also used for animal care & breeding, beer and wine brewing, pet care, foot warmer, food fermentation and many other applications which require low, continuous heat. As we manufacture our heat pads, we have the ability to custom make a heat pad to suit your needs.

THERMOSTAT OPTION: Our heat pads can be fitted with a thermostat to give perfect control over the temperature of the heat pad. The thermostat will turn the heat pad on and off to maintain the selected temperature you have chosen. See our other products for Flexible Heat pad with thermostat.

Directions for Use:

The temperature of heat pad will rise approximately 12 degrees above the surrounding air temperature.

  1. The pad may be placed onto insulating material to reduce heat loss. Flexible insulation foam is available for purchase.
  2. Best propagation results are gained when placed out of the elements in a protected area with good natural light, away from harsh sun and cold draughts.
  3. The surface of the heat pad will heat to approximately 12 degrees above the air temperature which is perfect for most plants.
  4. Fill standard seed trays with good quality propagating mix. Place the trays directly onto the pad.
  5. Plug into a power point.
  6. A thermometer placed in the mix can be useful to check the temperature of your heat pad. Once the temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius turn the pad off as most plants don’t require higher temperatures.
  7. Keep the soil damp using a very fine spray of water when required. This also helps to transfer the heat to the soil. Seeds should be sewn to a depth of 3 times their width (no deeper). Cuttings require the use of sterilized secateurs and hormone powder before placing in the tray at a depth of 25-40mm. Before transplanting seeds or cuttings harden off outside in a protected area.

Please contact us for more information on a suitable heat pad for your application. 0359400281 or info@adloheat.com.au

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