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THF Thermostat - Fan/fridge control - 0°C-50°C

THF Fan/fridge control

    • Temperature range is 0°C-50°C
    • 10 amp
    • 2.0m lead
    • Manual dial control
    • Safe, easy and accurate
    • Is used for to control the temperature of a refrigeration unit. Will maintain stable temperatures inside the refrigeration unit during fermentation and racking stages.
    • Simply plug the fridge lead into the thermostat and set the temperature on the dial.
    • The thermostat turns on when the temperature of the fridge/freezer rises above the set temperature on the dial.
    • The probe sensor wire is placed inside the refrigeration unit, do not attach the probe to the side of the fridge/freezer - let it hang in a central position.
    • Australian made and approved by Australian Electrical Safety standards.

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