Welcome to our online store. We have extended production lead times on some of our products due to strong demand and a shortage of local materials. Production lead times for Plant stands and benches - approx 3-4 weeks, Houses - approx 6-10 weeks depending on the size. Please contact us for any queries.

Stand Off Half Covers for 3600mm (12') Wide Split Roof Greenhouses


Covers are manufactured from Shade Cloth fabric.

Designed to shade your hot house. These covers also extend the life of your full cover by added protection from the elements. Creates a perfect environment for your plants by giving you the flexibility to provide greater plant protection with the changing seasons.
These additional covers can be easily removed seasonally and stored away. It's best to store the covers in a protected place out of the sun.

Thro-Over - covers top & mid-way down both sides of house (not front or back). This cover fits our Standard style houses. The cover is installed using frame buttons & fixing loops supplied.
Thro-Over with fitted ends - covers mid-way down sides and front and back of house. This cover fits our Standard style houses. The cover is installed using frame buttons & fixing loops supplied.
Stand off Throw-Over - This cover is suitable for our Split Roof and Standard houses.  The cover is designed to allow the Split Roof to open fully and to cool the air in between the covers. The cover is supported off the house with Galvanised steel brackets and steel poles, and the cover is installed with frame buttons, fixing loops and steel clasps supplied. The Stand off throw over covers the roof and mid way down the sides of the house (front and back are not covered).

Shadecloth is available in various colours, in light or medium shade densities as follows:  

Green 50% shade
Green 70% shade
White 50% shade
Beige 70% shade

Accessories: Replacement 'Thro-over' bungee strap fixings $6 each, Replacement 'Stand Off' bungee strap fixings $8 each. 

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