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Baby Gro Greenhouse

Baby Gro House

Dimensions: 900x600x1500mm LxDxH (mm) 

 Give your garden a head start!

Ideal for backyard hobbyists, who love to grow their own veggies, herbs, seedlings etc. Our Baby Gro Mini Greenhouse is designed for those who like to propagate seeds and cuttings as the house provides a perfect growing room. Popular for gardeners who are restricted by lack of space - units, balconies, flats etc.

Baby gro mini greenhouse comprises:

  • Galvanised steel frame in modular kit form. From 100% Australian made materials by us in our factory premises in Pakenham Victoria.
  • We offer our Baby Gro House as a shade house to protect shade loving plants or as a Hot house to propagate seeds and seedlings, to encourage vigorous growth with warmer conditions inside the house.
  • Long lasting fitted cover sewn in one piece in either shadecloth or solashield film with heavy duty zips on the front opening. 
  • 2 Heavy duty galvanised benches
  • Frameshield tape (hot houses only), ground pegs, screws & washers
  • Easy 'do it yourself' instructions

Tools needed: screwdriver, spade, concrete

Frame and benches are manufactured from heavy duty galvanised 'Orrcon' tube steel 20 x 20 x 1.2mm and galvanised steel mesh 50 x 50 x 4mm. The covers are made from either 'solashield' or shadecloth. These are both long-life materials, which are treated to withstand extreme weather conditions. 'Solashield' is a waterproof, UV stabilised polyfabric. It is resistant to tears, rips, solvents and alkalis. Light transmission is 85.6% which is perfect growing environment.

'Solashield' is a waterproof, UV stabilised polyfabric film of high quality. It is resistant to tears, rips, solvents and alkalis. Light transmission is 85.6% which is perfect to create a year round warm growing environment.

Shadecloth is a high quality monofilament, UV stabilized to maintain its strength and flexibility under the harsh Australian sun. Perfect for shading your plants in a hot climate, also popular for growing orchids, ferns, and other shade loving plants.

Shadecloth is available in various colours, in light or medium shade densities as follows:  

Green 50% shade
Green 70% shade
White 50% shade
Beige 70% shade

Zips are heavy duty marine quality and uv treated to withstand extreme conditions and constant use.

Lots of options are available like shade caps to keep out excess sun, rain caps to keep the rain off plants (for use over a shadecloth cover), castors for moving your plant into better positions, variations on internal benching, and also shadecloth vents.

Our products are designed to be functional and long-lasting, using only products of high quality. Look at the rest ~ then buy the best! You won’t be disappointed.



  • Zip door can opened fully to allow maximum air flow in warmer weather
  • Door may be opened to the halfway point (ties provided) for moderate airflow
  • Extra vents are available (will provide extra ventilation)
  • Houses can be placed on concrete pad or pavers, or on soil with some weed protection eg pine bark, screenings, scoria, weedmat etc
  • Bottom heat eg heat pad placed in bottom of house or on bench will extend the growing season


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