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Brewing Heat Belt

Brewing Heat Belt

They are designed to wrap around a standard fermenter to provide steady constant warmth for improving fermentation or other purposes where low heat is required. Our Brew belts and Brew pads are the only Australian made belt and pads on the market.
  • Provides constant low heat for fermentation purposes
  • Made in Australia, using Australian materials
  • Made from high quality fire retardant ABS plastic
  • Size: Heated length 900mm, mains lead length 1900mm
  • 240 Volt
  • 30 watt
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Certificate of safety - safety compliance tested by Electrical Australian Standards
  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Directions for Use:

To fit:

Place the belt around the outside of the fermenter approximately 45mm from the bottom and adjust it to fit by tightening the mains lead via the hole in the outer end of the belt.  Do not over tighten, twist, tie or fasten the heat belt in any other way.

Connect the power supply after fitting.

When the air temperature exceeds 20 degrees C, shift the belt up to approximately 150mm from the bottom, and when the ambient temperature exceeds 24 degrees C, switch the belt off. This action should keep the brew at 20-26 degrees C, depending on the ambient temperature.

To clean: Disconnect from the power source and wipe dry, do not use again until its is completely dry.


The heat belt should not be in contact with any other object other than the fermenter to which it is fitted

No need to insulate or cover the belt with any materials or coverings

Do not use if damaged

Do not immerse in water

Do not pull or overstretch the belt

Specifications and Technical Data:

Colour: Black

Material: Fire retardant ABS plastic

Size: Heated length 900mm x 7mm diameter

Mains lead length: 1900mm

Mains lead: 5mm, 7.5Amp, Black sheathed cable, 2 pin plug, AS/NZS3112 compliant- Approval numbers: ESO150151 CS/957/Q

Surface Temperature: 40-60 (℃)

Maximum voltage: 240 (V)

Power: 30 (W)

Provides constant low heat

Designed to wrap around a vessel

Certificate of safety - safety compliance tested by Electrical Australian Standards.  Australian safety compliance approval N11384

Made in Australia