Hot Houses (Standard Sizes)

About Our Hot Houses

The Basics

Our hot houses follow two basic models; standard and split-roof. As with all our products, Adloheat hot houses are proudly Australian-made and follow our 'Build-it-Yourself' philosophy. Not only will it save you on installation costs, but this ensures that each of our hot house items can be sized and styled to meet your individual needs. In fact, we encourage you to do exactly that.

Take note of the drop-down menus listed above to adjust basic sizing, length and model; then feel free to select any additional extras which might assist you in your gardening ventures.

First, though, a little more about our hot houses.

Who Needs a Hot House, Anyway?

Hot houses provide the perfect space for gardening enthusiasts of all interests. Whether you are in it for pleasure or profit, enjoy the benefits of your very own controlled growing environment. No more pests; no more insecticide-solutions. And for the persistent gardener who doesn't hibernate away his or her winter, a well-equipped hot house will grant you all-year access. So that it's always growing season.  

Why Buy an Adloheat Hot House?

Well, for one thing, Adloheat houses are tried and tested, Australian-made products. Not only that, but they are made with the Aussie gardener in mind. Our hot houses are designed to produce the finest organic goods with zero water wastage. So, if you're concerned about your usage—or are simply looking to cut-down on waste—you can feel confident in choosing from our entirely water-friendly catalogue.

Maybe you're looking to share your fresh produce with family and friends? Yet another reason to go with an Adloheat Hot House. All our houses are made to order, so there is no need (or neighbourhood) too big to be fed.

Finally, save on installation costs and enjoy the satisfaction of our DIY philosophy. For the garden enthusiast with a unique task, Adloheat's personalised hot houses are the ideal choice.




Fully-fitted solashield cover with dual-wall ventilation

Galvanised steel door frame with lockable, hinged door

Manual-opening roof section (with protective screen)


Superior Airflow


Screws, washers, frameshield tape & heavy-duty pegs included

User-Friendly 'Do-It-Yourself' instructions

Recommended Choice

Split-roof houses are our hottest product, right now—not literally, though. In fact, quite the opposite. Designed to maximise airflow, the split-roof model features a manual-opening roof section which runs the entire length of each house. Offering an easy escape for built-up hot air. By encouraging superior airflow to standard hot house models, Adloheat split-roof models can prevent that stagnant atmosphere which hinders a plant's healthy growth.

This opening roof section can be adjusted to face in either direction, so as to divert any prevailing winds in your area. Split-roof models also include an Adloheat protective Bird Screen fitting. Made from durable white shadecloth, this is the perfect breathing material to protect your precious goodies—from any variety of insects and pests that might be tempted to enter.


Can I set-up on concrete outdoor areas?

Yes, but please let us know, as you will need some concrete fixings. Standard orders come with our heavy-duty pegs—and while these are indeed heavy-duty, they won't penetrate concrete!

Do you offer larger sizes?

Yes! Adloheat Hot Houses are made to order. So if your particular sizing isn't featured in the drop-down menu, just call and tell us the preferred dimensions for your order.

Are shelves & other accessories included in the prices listed?

Listed prices are only for the selected product. Extras such as hanging bar options and additional door flap features can be selected from the drop-down menu above; these selections will be added to the total for review.

For shelving and other neat accessories, feel free to browse through our extensive catalogue where you can find quotes for all our hot house accessories.

      For further information on shipping and lead times, or to place your personalised order, feel free to contact us on 0359400281. We will be happy to get you started!

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