Heating Cable

A propagating cable consists of a thermostatically controlled heating element which is placed in a pre prepared growing box and buried in a layer of moist propagating sand (for best results do not use perlite in the propagating sand due to its insulative properties). Heat then permeates through the sand providing a warm growing environment and micro-climate.
  • Ensure sand is always kept damp for maximum even heat distribution.
  • Specifications: approx 150 watts per square metre (custom made to any output required) 240 Volt
  • Thermostat controller is factory fitted to accurately control temperature.
  • We custom make to suit your size and heat requirements.
  • Extremely safe to use
  • High seed germination
  • Low operating cost
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Ability to plant directly into sand mix if required
  • Durable, very long lasting.

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