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   Split Roof Hot house and a Shadehouse recently installed at Kinglake Primary School.

Inside view of plant growth inside a Hot House

Combination House

Meadow Bank Primary School

How we can we assist your school:

We take into consideration:

  • Number & age and height of students using system
  • Safety issues ~ OH & S
  • Design to suit your school’s needs
  • Easy kit form design suitable for students and/or parents to install (Installation on site available also)
  • Number of plants to be housed/propagated
  • Type of plants to be grown/propagated
  • Location of your school


What can your school achieve with an Adloheat hot house:

  • Easily grow plants from seeds or cuttings
  • Producing your own organic vegetables, herbs and fresh food
  • Teach students how to be self sufficient and sustainable.
  • Grow indigenous plants from seeds or cuttings to re-vegetate their school grounds or surrounding waterways, or sell to local residents
  • Grow food to use in cookery classes
  • Lunchtime activity
  • Fundraising venture
  • Long term investment for your school
  • Teach students how to propagate plants with our easy to use bottom heat systems


Some of the positive effects of this type of ‘hands-on’ learning:

  • Improved self worth/esteem through the experience of creating a living thing
  • It gives students a sense of responsibility and achievement when they may not be achieving in other areas
  • Boys especially have been found to improve their attitude, attendance and behavior at school 
  • Gives students a new experience which may lead to a career path
  • Students are given an opportunity to express themselves in a non-threatening way
  • Have fun while learning a new skill
  • Relaxing and enjoyable lunchtime activity
  • Working as a team creates important life skills
  • Less likelihood of vandalism of  the equipment and plant life within school environment
  • Teaches students about a sustainable lifestyle and caring for the environment
  • Most importantly it offers the opportunity to instil in students the idea of how to live healthily by eating fresh food

If you have any questions regarding ideas you have for your school, please contact us and we are happy to give helpful and practical suggestions.


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

We are delighted to continue be part of the Stephanie Alexander Program.  Stephanie Alexander has developed a fantastic school based program for students to receive ‘hands on’ learning experiences in growing, cooking and eating their own produce. This program will ensure the students learn valuable life skills about sustaining a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families for the future. 

At Adloheat we offer friendly & professional advice and ideas for schools just starting out in their growing projects.  We also welcome ‘ongoing’ enquiries and feedback from schools’ success stories.

Many schools across the country have purchased our hot houses and benches after gaining funding through the program. 

Our Hot houses, Benches and Plants Stands allow students areas to have a solid work area inside the house for potting up, propagating their own plants, raising seeds, growing plants and for storage.

All our products are Australian made, by an Australian owned business and we are proud to be part of the Stephanie Alexander Program.

More information on grants visit or call 03 8415 1993.