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  Give your plants the best start possible! Gives excellent germination and a high striking rate for cuttings and seeds.

Correct soil temperature stimulates plant growth, thus maximising yield and quality. Bottom heat cables and foils provide the commercial or home hobbyist with the means to efficiently control root temperature in young plants whilst maintaining a microclimate up to 45cm above the bed. The watt density is designed so that even on very cold nights, the bottom heat will keep the plants at the desired temperature.

Bottom heat units are supplied ready-to-install, complete with a factory fitted 'ADLOHEAT' weather resistant thermostat controller (capillary thermostat pictured below). All of our heating products are manufactured by us in our factory premises using all Australian materials.

The system is simple to install and requires no specialist knowledge, just an electrical outlet.

You choose the size and we will custom make to any size. Feel free to contact us for assistance with your requirements.


Electric Foil Panel


The facts:

  • Specifically designed laminated heating element between heavy aluminium foil and poly backing
  • Specifications: approx 150 watts per square metre (custom made to any output required) 240 Volt
  • Thermostat controller is factory fitted (Digital thermostat available as option)
  • For energy efficiency place insulation foam underneath foil (prices below)
  • Place solashield film over the top and sides of foil like a tablecloth as protection against water ingress to the foil (see prices below)
  • Provides evenly distributed bottom heat as heat spreads easily along foil.
  • We custom make your foil to suit your size and heat requirements.
  • To ensure its longevity, do not allow water to penetrate the foil.


  • Safe to use
  • High speed germination
  • Low operating cost
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Easy to keep clean and germ free
  • Lightweight
  • To use simply roll out, plug in and propagate.
Electric Foil Panel

Recommended Foil Panel set up (see above photos):

  1. Flat bench: Set up your bench (out of the weather, in a draught free, well lit position)
  2. Insulation: Place insulation on top of your bench
  3. Foil Panel: Roll out foil panel onto insulation
  4. Solashield protective covering: Cover foil panel with plastic film to cover all top and all sides
  5. Thermostat controller: Turn the unit into power supply and place probe sensor into the soil mix in a pot or attach it to the foil itself. The probe must be in contact with the foil or soil mix at all times.
Heating Cable Heat Cable

The facts:

  • A propagating cable consists of a thermostatically controlled heating element which is placed in a pre prepared growing box and buried in a layer of moist propagating sand (for best results do not use perlite in the propagating sand due to its insulative properties)
  • Heat then permeates through the sand providing a warm growing environment and microclimate.
  • Ensure sand is always kept damp for maximum even heat distribution.
  • Specifications: approx 150 watts per square metre (custom made to any output required) 240 Volt
  • Thermostat controller is factory fitted to accurately control temperature.
  • We custom make to suit your size and heat requirements.

The Benefits

  • Extremely safe to use
  • High seed germination
  • Low operating cost
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Ability to plant directly into sand mix if required
  • Durable, very long lasting.
Prices for Electric Foil Panel or Heating Cable  

Foil or Heat cable

with Dial Thermostat

Foil or Heat cable with Dial thermostat, Insulation foam & solashield covering


1sq mtr up to 2sq mtr-$220 per sq mtr. (this size range is not available in cable)



1m x 1m 364 417      
2m x 1m 440 537      
3m x 1m 577 718      
4m x 1m 694 879      
5m x 1m 804 1033      
6m x 1m 936 1189   Accessories  
7m x 1m 1068 1385  
Digital thermostat (THDW) in lieu of THLPWS (info below)
add $43
8m x 1m 1200 1561   Insulation foam roll (for insulation underneath foil)
$35 per sq mtr
9m x 1m 1332 1737   Solashield film (protective cover for top of foil)   $9 per sq mtr
10m x 1m 1464 1913  
Extra lead length (standard unit comes with 2 mtr lead)
$6.50 per mtr
11m x 1m 1596 2089   Mounting Plate option for Dial thermostat (to hang) $15
12m x1m 1728 2265      
Custom made sizes also available - call for price on 03 5940 0281 or email at

Insulation foam roll       Solashield film

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  • Are essential for operating the foil or cable
  • Gives accurate temperature control - you set the temperature to suit the plant's needs.
  • Available in Capillary probe style or Digital Controller.
  • These are factory fitted into heating foil or cable
  • Water resistant enclosures are essential if used near water spray to avoid water ingress to electrical components.

Features of Capillary Versus Digital:


  • Range: 0°C to 50° C  with a 1.5°C set differential
  • Manual dial control
  • Capillary probe sensor
  • Probe length 0.7m


  • Range: mInus 0°C to plus 70° C  with a variable differential of 1°C - 15°C
  • LCD screen/ press button control
  • NTC probe sensor
  • Probe length 2.0m

THD Digital Controller

THDW Digital Thermostat

(in water resistant enclosure)



Water Resistant Enclosure

THLPWS Dial Thermostat

(in water resistant enclosure)


THI Heat Controller   THI Heat Controller $102

(non water resistant enclosure)

Mounting plate (to hang)


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  Flexible Heat Pads

Redzone flexible heat pads are manufactured in Australia by Adloheat. The pads are made from polyurethane to give water resistant properties combined with durability and flexibility. Designed for the horticultural, brew, hydroponic and pet industry.

  • 240 Volt - just plugs into your power outlet.
  • Low wattage
  • Superior durability
  • Washable
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Flexible
  • Quality Product
  • Economical
  • Thermostat control available
  • Double insulated
  • UV resistant

Our pads are made in various wattages to suit the purpose to which they are to be used.
Our 10 and 20 watt pads will give a temperature rise of approximately 12°C above the air temperature, for example if the ambient temperature is 10°C the pad surface temperature will rise to 22°C. Our 30 watt and 60 watt pads (brew industry) will give approximately 26°C rise above ambient.

If exact or high temperatures are required, the use of a thermostat controller is essential. Cost for thermostat controller is $144 (THLPWS) or $187 (THDW) in a weather resistant enclosure. Thermostat in a non weather resistant enclosure is $102 (THI)

FOR PLANT USE: Soil temperature is crucial to an optimum growing environment, whether you are germinating lettuce seeds or propagating orchids. These fully portable pads produce spectacular results in higher seed/cutting germination and vigorous root development on cuttings and plants. The pad is of the highest quality and is economical to run.

OTHER PURPOSES: Flexible heat pads are also used for animal care & breeding, beer and wine brewing, pet care, foot warmer, food fermentation and many other applications which require low, continuous heat. As we manufacture our heat pads, we have the ability to custom make a heat pad to suit your needs.

Please contact us for more information on a suitable heat pad for your application. 0359400281 or

Small 280 x 340

Small 280 x 340 with Anti chew cord for animal use

Medium with Lip 400 x 670 and Dial thermostat in weather resistant enclosure

Prices for Flexible Heat Pads  
Small 280 x 340 10 78
Medium 340 x 600 20 123
Kytab 360 x 540 20 123
Narrow 300 x 700 28 152
Medium with Lip 400 x 670 28 188
Large 500 x 1100 125 398
Long 400 x 1400 125 398
Jumbo 600 x 1200 120 430
Hydropad 750 x 1250 200 470
Animal Anti-Chew Lead Protection     15
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