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The "Combination House" is a versatile design with its year round plant protection. It provides the best of both worlds, with growers able to propagate in the warmth of the hot houses section, and grow on or harden off plants in the protected environment of the shade house section. Or grow heat loving plants plants in the back hot house section and sun sensitive plants in the front shadecloth section.


The Combination House is available in Standard Style or Split Roof Style.

The "Combination House" comprises:

1.  Strong Australian Made BHP steel frame in kit form

2.  Custom made sewn reinforced cover in solaweave and shadecloth fabric

3.  Walk through internal dividing wall with a hinged door and lockable door handle

4.  Hinged door at front with lockable door handle

5.  Wall vents internal door and back wall

6.  Bird Screen (Split roof house only)

7.  Pegs or concrete fixings for footings

8.  Screws and washers to install

9.  Frameshield tape (for solaweave section)


  • Hanging bars
  • Benches and shelving range
  • Green, sandstone or white shadecloth
  • Stand off cover/throw over covers
  • Door at both ends
  • Extra vents
  • Standard roof or Split Roof
  • Installation

Combination House price: Choose your house from the 'Split Roof or Standard Hot House price list and add 15% to the listed price. Or contact us for pricing on 03 5940 0281 or email



Combination house
Combination Split Roof

Combination House
Combination House


Combination House


\Please note photos shown are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the finished product.
*Accessories are not included in prices.